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Experience coworking without moving from your desk. Meet your fellow remote and distributed workers, home workers, freelancers and digital nomads for coworking – wherever you are. Beat isolation, share tips on remote working, improve productivty, build your network.


Flexible & Free

Join The Hive Slack channel to start connecting with other remote folks and myworkhive, for free. Pop by every day, or occasionally – it’s up to you.

Learn together

Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to remote, have years of experience – or you’re looking for your first remote job. Share tips and tools on remote and distributed working.

Stay productive

Working on your own can be hard. Checking in to your online work comunity and being part of a group can help you stay motivated.



Meet your fellow remote workers. Take part in online talks and events. Help us build a great virtual coworking community.

Coming soon: join us for virtual coworking in Sococo

Sococo is an online office space used by distributed teams around the globe. You can easily see who’s in the space that day and connect via chat and video at the touch of a button. We think it’s the closest you can get to real-world coworking, online. Spaces are limited: drop us an email as soon as possible if you’d like an invite.