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We’ll take you through the basics, from deciding if remote is right for you to setting up your home office

Our remote working FAQ

What type of jobs can I do remotely? Will working from home affect my career? What are the tax and insurance implications of using my home as an office? Will I save money? Read on: we’ve got all your remote-work questions covered.

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Is remote working right for me? Six traits you’ll need

Not sure if remote working is right for you? We’ve listed the six traits we think all remote workers need. Don’t worry if you don’t shine in all areas. It’s useful to be aware of your strengths and the areas you find challenging, so that you can consider these as you plan your remote career.

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Remote careers

Our regular series looking at the types of jobs you can do remotely – and how to find them

What it's really like to work for some top remote employers

What’s it really like to work from home or be a digital nomad? We’ve interviewed people working for some top remote employers, to find out

Meet our homeworking heroes

Looking for a little inspiration? We chatted with some awesome people who are doing great things, while working from home. 

Keep on track

Whether you want to change career direction or keep your remote career on track, we have the resources you need

Tech tools for remote working

Our easy guides will help you get started

Get confident with remote tech tools: our mini guide

You’ve decided that you’d love to ditch the commute and find a remote job, but there’s just one problem. You’ve never used any of the ‘tech tools’ used by remote teams – in fact, the very thought of joining a video conference fills you with dread. Fear not! You’re in the right place. Our Mini Guide will get you up to speed, introducing commonly-used tools like Slack, Trello and more.

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Introducing Slack

New to Slack? It’s a team communications tool used by lots of remote teams to keep in touch and share work. These two short videos will get you started, giving you an overview and showing Slack in action.

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