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Hiring and onboarding remote team members

Making it work

Managing remote teams, case studies and more

Technology roundup

A look at tech tools and IT issues

Making the case

Why remote is good for your business

Hire your remote dream team

Traits to look for, virtual interviews, onboarding and more

Making it work

Remote companies share what works for them, from managing remote teams to policies and best practice

How to help your team embrace working from home

Remote working is in the news at the moment. Moving your staff to work from home can be challenging to do in a hurry. We’ve shared the key issues to plan for, and our top tips to help the move to remote working go smoothly – whatever the reason.

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How to tackle loneliness when you work from home

Although we love working from home, it’s important to recognise that it can be isolating. Feeling lonely can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, so don’t suffer in silence. As part of the first global #WorkFromHomeDay, we share our top tips on tackling loneliness when you work from home.

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No office required: Emma’s story

How remote working enabled me to build a thriving business, while also caring for my young family and supporting my seriously ill son. By Emma Piper, founder, Pied Piper Communications

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Tech tools

Our roundup of the latest tools, IT and security news for remote companies

Get confident with remote tech tools: our mini guide

You’ve decided that you’d love to ditch the commute and find a remote job, but there’s just one problem. You’ve never used any of the ‘tech tools’ used by remote teams – in fact, the very thought of joining a video conference fills you with dread. Fear not! You’re in the right place. Our Mini Guide will get you up to speed, introducing commonly-used tools like Slack, Trello and more.

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Tech tools for remote teams

Most remote teams rely on tools such as virtual office software and video conferencing. Choosing the right tools can be tricky, but getting it right can make a huge difference to how well your remote team works together. Our quick guide introduces some key tools, and shares the examples from other fully remote companies.

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Introducing Slack

New to Slack? It’s a team communications tool used by lots of remote teams to keep in touch and share work. These two short videos will get you started, giving you an overview and showing Slack in action.

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Video conferencing for better communications

Michael Geller of Blue Jeans gives a quick explanation of how video conferencing helps build relationships with clients and customers. We think some face-to-face time is great for remote teams too, helping to build connections and clarify issues.

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Making the case

Why remote is great for your business

In the news

Remote and coworking news and trends

Free Workshop: Returning to Work After A Gap | Harleston, Norfolk

FREE Workshop for Career Returners, February 7th in Harleston, Norfolk. Whether you are thinking about returning, already looking for work, or thinking of changing career – come along to kickstart your career after a gap. Try career coaching tools, get tips on talking about a career gap on your CV and at interview, and lots more.

October Half Term: Coworking + Forest School

Work space for the grownups. Fabulous forest school activities for kids aged 7 to 12   Located at Rural Enterprise East in Otley, Suffolk. New date - Thurs 24th October, 10am to 3pm Places are limited so book soon!     New date: Thursday October 24th, 10am - 3pm...

£25 off the new online digital skills course from Digital Mums

We get it. A career gap can leave you feeling 'rusty' and unsure of youself.  The new Digital Retox programme - from online education experts Digital Mums - is designed to refresh your digital skills and rebuild self-confidence. The flexible working champions over at...

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