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27th June 2019
UK, United Kingdom
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This course aims to give you your first steps into web development.


Day: Wednesday

Time: 8pm-9.30pm (online)

Your peers:  Everyone comes from different backgrounds and with different life experiences- this is what we love about our students.  Some people want to go on to be developers, others to run their own companies, some are upskilling in their current roles. What everyone has in common, is a desire to learn and support one another.

Not only will you have the skills to build web applications but you will also be able to discuss code confidently, you will problem solve and you will have the skills to go on and learn further independently, with us always here as support! You will be working on projects and activities to add context and hands-on practice.

Each lesson will be a live webinar session where a teacher will present theory, exemplify it with code, complete an exercise with you, and then set you exercises to complete solo or in pairs.

A webinar is a seminar conducted online- you will see the teacher, the teacher’s presentation or screen, and you will have the ability to ask questions throughout the class through the webinar software.

Throughout the course, students will be connected via Slack which is a team collaboration tool. You will have support here from each other and the teachers. It’s a great way to share resources and keep each other focused, and organise to meet IRL if you are nearby.

All classes will be recorded in case you miss a class and we have teachers on hand to answer your questions during the week, again, via Slack.

Kelly from our pilot webinar course has written a blog on what it’s like learning with us.

Who we're looking for

Truthfully, we do not have an ideal student! We believe everyone can learn how to code as long as they have a strong desire to learn.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to join us:

  • You are curious about technology
  • You want to start your own company
  • You want to build something in your spare time
  • You want to understand what your coworkers do
  • You are returning to work and want to be in the know
  • You have other skills that code can complement (graphic design, illustration, science, knitting…to name a few.)
  • You want to learn from people who do this every day
  • You want to learn in a supportive, open environment
  • Like us, you believe the culture in the tech industry needs to change and you want to be part of that change
  • You are ready to try a new way to learn to code!

About us

We are a coding school for women based in London. For every paying student on our courses, we teach digital skills in the slums of Mumbai in India.

What do we want to achieve for our students?

We are here to kick off a woman’s journey to becoming a software engineer; to up skill a woman in her current role; to create a more flexible career for a parent; to give a woman a stronger voice in her tech company; to give a potential or current founder the skills to build or overlook the building of her site; to give someone the confidence to question the industry and what it stands for; to have more technical women at the table.

How to apply

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