Key features

Lower your hiring costs  

  • We do things differently. We’re currently offering free standard listings.
  • Because we work remotely ourselves, there are no fancy office overheads to pass on to you.
  • How much could you save in one year of hiring…?

Post jobs and manage applications – all in one place

  • From your own user-friendly Employer Panel, you can post your remote vacancies and manage your latest applications.
  • You can even let candidates know if they’ve been successful (or not) with one click.

Find great candidates – wherever they are

  • Our premium packages will allow you to search resumes by keyword and contact candidates directly.
  • We promote your jobs to skilled, remote-ready candidates via our social media and other channels.
  • Job Alerts let candidates track the latest vacancies in their sector.

We love remote-friendly employers and want to showcase what you do

From your Employer Panel, you can create a detailed profile of your company – a great way to reach out to prospective candidates. We also regularly feature articles about top remote employers.

If you’re new to remote working, we’ve got you covered

With regular, well-researched content, we cover the latest on remote teams and coworking, including:

  • Hiring remotely
  • Tech tools for remote teams
  • Interviews with other remote companies

We do the green thing

We’re on a mission to help more people ditch their commute and more companies to go remote. That means less cars on the roads and less carbon dioxide and pollution in the air. Sweet.

We want to help you build a remote and flexible career that fits your life

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