Employer FAQ

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Do you only list remote vacancies?

Currently, yes. For remote vacancies, we ask you to list only roles that can be done remotely for the majority of the time. It’s fine to specify that you are looking for candidates in a specific time zone or geographic area, or that you need someone who can attend in-office meetings. However, we ask companies to make any restrictions like this very clear in the job description. To give a couple of examples:

  • Fine: “Work-from-home, but must be able to attend meetings in person one day per month at our office in Nottingham.”
  • Fine: “Work remotely, but must be available during GMT office hours.”
  • Not fine: “Based in our office in Chicago but can work from home up to two days per week.”

    Our job board will be expanding soon to include other non-remote flexible jobs. 

How do I create and edit my Company Profile?
The first step is to sign up with us as an Employer (it’s free!), setting up your username and password. Once that’s done, log in and go to your Employer Panel. From here you can create a company profile, add also add job listings and manage your applications.

Just click Edit Profile to get started. You can add as much detail as you wish to introduce your organisation to prospective candidates. We also have space for you to explain your company’s approach to remote working. (Topics you might want to cover include your induction process for new remote team members, your process for managing projects remotely, how your remote teams communicate, and whether you are fully remote or mix remote work with on-site work.) You can come back and edit your profile at any time.

Please note: By default, your Company Profile will not show up in our profile listing. To make your profile visible to potential candidates, please go to the Employer Panel / Edit Profile and check/tick the ‘Publish Profile’ box. So for example, if you’re editing the profile and want to finish it later, leave this box unticked until you’re ready for the Profile to go live. You can change this setting at any time.

How do I post a job?
Log in and go to your Employer Panel. Click Post a Job.

From here you can create a full job description. At the end of the form, you can click Preview to see how the job description looks:

  • If you are happy, click Publish Listing – your job will go live on the site straight away.
  • If you want to tweak the job ad some more, click Edit Listing to go back and continue working on it.

Once the job is live, you can still amend it if you need to – go to Employer Panel then Company Jobs to see the jobs you have listed, and click on the job you need to edit. (Remember to click Update to save any changes.)

Help! I published a job ad but I've made an error - how do I edit it once it's live on the site?
No problem. Once the job is live, you can still amend it if you need to – go to Employer Panel then Company Jobs to see the jobs you have listed, and click on the job you need to edit. Make the changes, click Preview, then either edit again, or click Update to save the changes. 

From Company Jobs, you can also manage applications using the little ‘cog’ symbol on the right-hand-side. Click this to see a drop-down menu that lets you:

  • view your job listing
  • edit your job listing
  • republish your job listing
  • delete your job listing
  • see applicants
  • mark job as filled
Managing applications in 'Company Jobs'
You should receive an email letting you know when new applications have arrived. To see and manage applications, go to your Employer Panel then Company Jobs. This will show you all your active jobs, and how many applicants you have for each. You can either click on the word ‘applicants’ or use the drop-down menu on the right-hand-side and select ‘see applicants’ – both will take you to the applicants page.

On the applicants page, you can see the name and contact details of all applicants.

Click on an applicant name to see their full contact details, their application message and any supporting documents that they attached, and a link to their resume (if they have completed a resume with myworkhive.) Once you have selected an applicant you can also mark their application as read / rejected / accepted. ** Please note: Marking an application as accepted/rejected triggers an automatic email to the candidate letting them know your decision and also changes their application status in their Candidate Panel, so they can see your decision. You may wish to contact shortlisted applicants personally before triggering this message. 

How do I show that a vacancy has been filled?
To change the status of a job listing to show that it has been filled, go to your Employer Panel, and click Company Jobs. Click the job listing you want to amend; scroll to the end, where you will see a box to tick marked ‘Yes, this position is taken.’ Click update to save your changes.
Do you offer recruitment services as well as a job board?
myworkhive is a job board not a recruitment service. We ask you to communicate directly with candidates. We have not vetted or screened candidates and ask you to follow your usual hiring process. Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions.