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Company Information

Tackle is the campaign name of The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups.Founded in 2008 by four major patient-led prostate cancer support groups, representing over 2,000 members and patients, it has grown to 87 member groups representing over 15,000 members. It is estimated that there are about 125 prostate cancer support groups across the country. We are the voice of prostate cancer patients and their families.

The Statistics

  • Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men
  • Over 47,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. That’s over 100 a day.
  • Men have a 1 in 8 chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • Over 300,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer.

Our Aims

  • To act as the voice of prostate cancer patients and their families
  • To encourage and assist the formation and development of prostate cancer support groups throughout the country
  • To raise awareness of prostate cancer in the general population
  • To encourage improvement of health services and conduct campaigns to improve the wellbeing of those affected by prostate cancer.

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