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The Superprof team

Passionate, dreamy, utopic, caring and dedicated.

Superprof has 46 people at the knowledge-sharing embassy to help you pass on your passion in 21 countries and 9 languages.

Our mission and engagement:

#1 - Share knowledge

Teachers, coaches, professionals, mentors, talent; Superprof is a community of fantastic teachers ready to share their knowledge & their passion.

#2 - Arouse curiosity

More than 1001 subjects available to learn and teach. Live new experiences with incredible teachers. Ready to start your incredible journey?

#3 - Learn confidently

Verified profiles, validated degrees, certified student opinions, assured availability, motivated students, we offer the best in education to learn & share confidently.

#4 - Safe, Secure

100% secured payment, https protocol, SSL certificate, data encryption: all the latest digital technologies to guarantee a safe journey for our members.

#7 - Happiness first!

Superprof is a happy and multicultural team at the service of the superb teachers' community. You want to change the world of knowledge sharing: Discover our story & join us!









Our approach to remote working

Superprof is the only tutor-student website that exists for arts and hobbies as well as academic subjects. That means learning can be as much about curiosity and skill building as it is about exams or career progression.

The Superprof community is a wonderful blend of artists, scientists, linguists, fitness experts, business gurus and much more with varying levels of skills and qualifications. Whether at the height of their careers or simply inspired to teach their lifelong hobby, Superprof tutors are available to share their knowledge and true passions.

Tutors can decide how they would like to use the platform: as a way to earn extra income, as a temporary position in between more permanent work or even as a way to start a part-time or freelance business in private tutoring. Superprof adheres to different lifestyles allowing tutors to set their own rates and hours.



Current job openings at Superprof

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