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We are a Coventry based charity who have been supporting and treating people with terminal illnesses, disabilities and injuries since 1984, we provide treatments for multiple sclerosis, stroke recovery, brain injury and other neurological conditions, after effects of cancer, children and babies with autism,  wound healing, fibromyalgia and more with our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

We are entirely funded by contributions, donations and fundraising.

To be able to keep the centre open to help and support people who need urgent pain relief and treatments we need support from people who are passionate about our cause - To help everyone with life changing diseases and conditions - We currently have people travel over 100 miles per day to receive their treatments as we are the only centre  to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen to children and babies.

Our approach to remote working

We understand that remote working is essential for people who have life changing conditions and disabilities.  Our staff have health issues and can work from home.  Our patients and members are living with life changing illnesses and some are looking for remote working and they have a lot to offer a company.  We give our patients and members the opportunity to remotely work in the centre and here is what one of our patients said -

"I Just wanted to share my first three month’s experience as a new user of the Mercia Therapy Centre.


The Centre and team have been brilliant in making me feel welcome. Having oxygen treatment while using the Centre to work agile, enables me to get the balance right. My employer West Midlands Police fully support me and understand the opportunities alternative therapies have for my illness and wellbeing. I have managed to complete significant amounts of work, before, during and after the therapy, even using the Centre as a meeting hub with my colleagues.

The benefits of me having oxygen therapy is most certainly helping my pain, balance and fatigue. This enables me to continue being a senior leader within the police service and I hope will reduce my sickness levels. I would encourage all businesses to invest in their people, support agile working from the Centre as and where appropriate, the benefits are significant and well people means productivity and success.

I look forward to my ongoing weekly visits.



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