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At we're always thinking of ways to make better for the user and aim to make the simplest and most productive video meeting tool on the market! Our team is a young, international, friendly, creative, professional, remote, happy, social and productive bunch of people! Together we have fun while releasing new features as soon as they are done (even if everything is not polished). You can read more about "how we work" here.

The team currently consist of 17 people. The long term ambition for is to create a global communication service that users love and use frequently.

What we look for

Vision – Our team to consists of people who collaborate from everywhere and want to create for the future! We're constantly trying to come up with ideas for things that haven’t been done before, and look for people with the same mind-set.

Passion – We believe that life is better when you work with something that you’re really passionate about. So we look for that spark in someone’s eye!

Quality – We care more about quality than perfectionism, and the very most about the user! has become what it is today because we have released features when we were still a bit embarrased about the way they looked. If you're able to see things from the user point of view and not too afraid of user feedback, maybe you're the right fit 😉

Curiosity – Since we work with cutting-edge web technologies, there are always new tools, frameworks and libraries to check out and learn. Ideally you have an experimental mindset and interested in following the latest trends in the development,design and SaaS community. is a video collaboration tool that lets you have video conversations effortlessly. PRO supports up to 12 people simultaneously. lets you create a video chat room with no required registration. Upgrade to a PRO account to customize, more rooms, integrations and for more great features. 

Our approach to remote working

Remote work is a lifestyle, not only a way of working. We belive that remote work can be both productive and social. It's all about choosing the right tools, building culture and finding routines that fit your team.

To build culture and a sense of community at, we always check in and out with the team every day! We're using our "general" Slack channel for this, and always let our team mates know our location for the day, what we're working on and if we have something out of the ordinary on our schedule. Same goes for signing off in the evening. Let your team know when you're "going home" for the day.

Twice or more a year we gather for offsites (video) where the whole team gathers at a remote location to both work and have fun together as a group. So far we have done things like hiked the highest mountain in Norway and checked the 3G connection there, learned how to snow kite at Finse, escaped an "Escape Room"! Let's say we are the type of team that won't say no to a new challenge!

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