Kick start your career after a long gap

Our new project to connect experienced career returners with employers in Suffolk and Norfolk

Career breaks happen for lots of reasons – like caring for children or a relative, unemployment or illness


We don’t think a gap on your CV should be a big deal.

But all too often, it can dent your confidence

and make it harder to restart your career.

Career Return combines work placements with employers in Suffolk & Norfolk, with career support.

It’s a new way to get your career back on track  


Reconnect with work

We’ll do our best to match you with a supportive employer for a short work placement

Rebuild your confidence 

Refresh old skills or try something new


Supportive environment

We can work with you to think through your career goals and plan out your next steps

Help to refresh your CV, practice interviewing – and more

Not sure if this is right for you? Email Lucy on for a chat 

We know restarting can feel daunting – 

we’re very happy to talk things through


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Some information that might be useful…

Is Career Return right for me?

We’d love to hear from you particularly if you’ve had a long career break (eg around two or more years). Career Return might be a good fit if:

  •  You’re located in Suffolk or Norfolk (please note, not all areas are covered)

  • You’re interested in exploring your career options

  • You like the idea of dipping your toe back into working, perhaps whilst working flexibly

    You will need to be over 18, currently unemployed or not working, and must have the legal right to live and work in the UK. 


What is the aim of the work placement?

We hope that when you finish your returnship placement you will have:

  • More confidence in your own skills and experience
  • More clarity about what you want to do next
  • Some good recent experience for your CV (and hopefully a nice employer reference too!)
  • An up-to-date CV that really reflects what you have to offer


How do the work placements work?

We are looking for a small number of returners – we’ll work with you to match you with a host organisation that fits your interests. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to find a suitable palcement, but we’ll do our best! 

We will provide support to you and your Host Employer to make sure the placement goes smoothly, and to help you develop your career plans. 

Please note: myworkhive is NOT the actual employer. 


Are work placements paid?

Placements with private companies will be paid (at least minimum wage).

Placements with UK charities or social enterprises may in some cases be unpaid, volunteer roles. Volunteering can still be great experience, but we realise it’s not an option for everyone. We will make clear in our placement descriptions whether the role is paid or unpaid. 

What's the time commitment for a work placement?

Work placement lengths will vary, depending on the needs of each host employer and returner.

As a guide, placements are typically 3-6 months, and may be part-time or full-time.

Will the placement lead to a permanent job?

Some returnships are a ‘one off’ placement (usually 3-6 months). Other employers may offer you an interview for a more permanent role at the end of the placement. (We’ll let you know at the start if this is likely to be an option.)  

What support will I receive?

myworkhive can provide free sessions to help you get the most from your returnship and plan your career next steps. We can assist with things like updating your CV and with interview practice. We also have a small budget to help returners with costs for travel or childcare whilst doing a placement. 

I have a health challenge or a disability - is this still accessible to me?

We are working hard to make the returnships as accessible as possible.

Please do talk to us about any concerns or access needs you have, and we will do our very best to help.

Are you an employer in Suffolk or Norfolk? Find out how hosting a talented Returner could benefit your organisation

We are looking for employers who appreciate the skills and experience that returners have to offer. 

If you think you could offer a talented person a short work placement, we would love to hear from you. We can provide guidance on returnships, and connect you with free HR support. We’re happy to have a chat if you’d like to find out more. 


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