Kick start your career after a long gap

Rebuild your confidence and refresh your skills.

Flexible, remote work placements you can do from home.

FREE online career support.

Career breaks happen for lots of reasons – like raising a family,

caring for a relative, redundancy or your own health.


We don’t think that should be a big deal.

But all too often, it can dent your confidence

and make it hard to restart your career.


Career Camp is a new project from myworkhive

It combines flexible work placements with real employers,

with FREE online career support 



A totally flexible way to reconnect with work

We’ll match you with a supportive employer for a short work placement

Rebuild your confidence 

Refresh old skills or try something new

Work from home, for a few hours per week, at hours that suit you


Online Career Reboot programme

Think through your career goals and plan out your next steps

Refresh your CV, practice interviewing – and more

Coming soon: online peer groups – share the journey!

Not sure if this is right for you?Email for a chat. 

We know restarting can feel daunting.  

Don’t worry, we’ve been there too!

We’re very happy to chat through any questions 


Please don’t send in CV’s at this stage! We’ll advertise returnship placements as we set them up. Instead, please sign up for our Career Camp newsletter, below, to receive all the latest news about placements: 

Some information that might be useful…

Is Career Camp right for me?

We’d love to hear from you particularly if you’ve had a long career break (eg around two or more years). Career Camp might be a good fit if:

  •  You’re interested in exploring your career options

  • You like the idea of dipping your toe back into working, whilst working flexibly and from home

  • You’re willing to take part in a supportive, online learning community

Please note: You will need to be over 18, and to have the legal right to work in the UK. 


How do the work placements work?

We’re developing the project and testing things out, so things may change!

But the plan is to match you with a host organisation that fits your interests, for a short work project.

You’ll work from your own home: you and your Host Employer will use tools like Skype, as well as phone and email, to keep in touch.

Please note: myworkhive is NOT the actual employer. We match you with potential host employers who are looking for great people to complete interesting, short-term pieces of work for them. 


Are work placements paid?

We are working mainly with smaller employers who don’t have huge budgets. However, we only work with employers who are willing to offer at least minimum wage.

Please note: Some placements may be with registered UK charities. In that case, there are some instances where placements may be voluntary (unpaid.) But we will make sure you are clear if any placement you apply for is paid or voluntary.

What's the time commitment for a work placement?

Work placement lengths will vary, depending on the needs of each host employer and returner.

A placement can be as short as a few hours per week, for around 6-8 weeks, although some will be longer.

You’ll need some additional time for coaching and learning sessions (online) and for your own research.

What is the Career Camp online course?

We’re putting together some great online career coaching resources that you can work through in your own time. Hopefully, it will be like having access to your own free career coach.

The course includes tools to help you review your skills, decide your next steps, and set goals. We’re also developing resources to help with things like writing your CV and interview practice.

In the future, we are also planning to run some some live, online sessions with guest speakers.

I have a health challenge or a disability - is this still accessible to me?

We are working hard to make the Career Camp course and the work placements as accessible as possible.

Please do talk to us about any concerns or access needs you have, and we will do our very best to help.

What is the aim of the work placement and course?

We hope that when you finish your placement you will have:

  • More confidence in your own skills and experience
  • More clarity about what you want to do next
  • Some good recent experience for your CV
  • An up-to-date CV that really reflects what you have to offer


Are you an Employer? Could you be one of our amazing Hosts?

We are looking for fantastic, flexible, remote-friendly host organisations who care about opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

If you think you could host a talented person for a short, paid, ‘remote’ work placement, we would really love to hear from you. If remote work is not your thing, and you would prefer to host someone in your office, we’d still love to speak with you.

Please email to have a chat and find out more. Thank you!


Questions? Email