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No office required: Emma’s story

How remote working enabled me to build a thriving business, while also caring for my young family and supporting my seriously ill son. By Emma Piper, founder, Pied Piper Communications

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Surviving the school holidays: Part 2

PART TWO: The school holidays are looming. Keeping everyone happy and occupied on the days you’re not working can be a job in itself. I’ve shared my cheat-sheet of ideas for all ages and weathers. Enjoy!

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Remote jobs roundup

It’s too hot to job search – so we did some for you. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the flexible, remote jobs that have caught our eye recently.

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Moving to the country? How to take your career with you.

Moving to the country? Jobs in rural areas can be scarce, and commutes are long. Remote working is a great way to take your career with you, but there’s lots to think about. Lucy, myworkhive’s Founder, shares what to know before you go, and how to make it work after the move.

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