The Big List of Resources for Virtual Assistants

Getting Started | Training & Mentoring | Where To Find VA Jobs



1. Sites with useful ‘how to’ guides and resources for new VAs

  • We Are Virtual Assistants: Their Get Started section has loads of resources on designing your offering, selling your services and more (you do need to register to see the content, but it’s free to do so.)
  • The Society of Virtual Assistants: For example, see their Top 10 Tips for Becoming a VA 
  • Talented Ladies Club: This is not a specialist VA site, but has lots of information for anyone new to running their own business. See their article, How To Set Yourself Up as a VA
  • The Assistant Quarters: A useful blog, covering all sorts of VA issues, including topics helpful for small business owners. Check out their article How To Make The Leap from PA to VA
  • Virtatalent: See this Intro to the history of the VA sector.

2. Virtual Assistant Associations

A good place to look for training and mentoring, as well as industry news, best practice guides etc.

3. Other VA businesses offering training, mentoring, coaching and VA communities

4. Find VA Jobs

The following companies hire Virtual Assistants or offer freelance work.

VA companies hiring in the UK:

VA companies hiring in the US:

Global VA companies:

5. Freelancer marketplaces

If you are starting out, creating a profile on one of the various freelancer marketplaces can be a useful way to gain experience, get used to working with clients, and start building your portfolio. However, it can be time-consuming to bid for jobs, competition can be fierce, and pay-rates can be low. If you’d like to give it a go, here are some established marketplace sites to get you started:

  •  People Per Hour
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Time Etc This one offers freelance work, without the bidding process. They interview potential VAs; if you are then taken on as one of their freelancers, they will match you with projects, offering fixed hourly rates.

Have we missed something good?

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