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A social enterprise for parents, carers and anyone looking for a more flexible career that fits their life
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Many of us want flexible careers that use our skills, and also fit our lives. But a long commute wastes precious time - while local job options can be very limited. We list skilled, interesting online jobs, that you can do from home - with a growing list of employers, including some big global names.

Great for parents, carers, returners - and anyone who wants a more flexible work-life.

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Search our growing list of interesting, flexible online jobs (plus remote internships, freelance projects and more). Any restrictions on time-zone or location are made clear.

Our Blog and Remote Jobs Guide  are here to help you build your remote skills and get your career on track. (We work remotely ourselves, so we walk the walk!)

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(And for employers: We’re currently offering free trials for all jobs listings. Inclusion is at the heart of what we do; we work hard to get your roles seen by a diverse mix of candidates.)

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You might like to know, we’re not just any old job board.

We help people facing barriers to work – including parents and people with disabilities – to build careers that make the most of their talents.

We want to make work flexible, fair and inclusive, for everybody.

How to tackle loneliness when you work from home

Although we love working from home, it’s important to recognise that it can be isolating. Feeling lonely can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, so don’t suffer in silence. As part of the first global #WorkFromHomeDay, we share our top tips on tackling loneliness when you work from home.

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We want to help you build a remote and flexible career that fits your life

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Why we love remote

Benefits for you

Save money

Spend less on travel, parking and childcare.

Kick start your career

Find a new job without having to move or spend your life commuting

Find your work-life balance

Cutting out the commute could save you hours every week. And some remote jobs can be done at hours that suit you.

Try a new direction

Working from home is a great way to start your own business or freelance career. Did you know 70% of UK businesses start from home? Our tools and tips will help you on your way.

Save the planet (yes, really!)

Cut out the commute to reduce your carbon footprint
Benefits for business

Save money

Less office space lets you cut your costs.

Find the talent you need

Hire from a much wider talent pool. Reach people living beyond commuting distance of your organisation.

Boost productivity

Research shows remote working can boost productivity and reduce workplace stress. And you won’t loose time to traffic problems or bad weather.

Build happy teams

Surveys show many people would prefer remote working to a pay rise. Better work-life balance gives you a healthier, happier team.

Cut your carbon footprint

Less commuting will help your company cut its carbon footprint, boosting your green credentials.

Let's work smarter

Many parents, carers, people with disabilities and others are unemployed – or in jobs that underuse their skills – because they can’t find suitable work near where they live, and can’t fit a long commute into their day. In the UK we waste 22 million hours commuting, every day. One quarter of the distance we travel in cars is due to commuting, driving up carbon emissions. Yet we already have the technology to bring work into our homes. Working remotely offers more choice of jobs, to more people: saving time, saving money, reducing stress, and cutting pollution. Let’s make work fairer, greener, and happier – for all of us.